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Milenia HybriDetect

Milenia Genline HybriDetect 1 lateral flow strips can be used to detect amplification products generated when using the TwistAmp® nfo kit in combination with a TwistAmp® nfo probe and labelled amplification primer. The Milenia HybriDetect 1 lateral flow strips allow for detection of a biotin labelled amplicon. Following amplification products can be diluted, applied to the dipstick sample pad and run in buffer for several minutes after which accumulation of gold particles on the test line indicates the presence of the specific amplicon. Although originally developed for PCR applications, this product gives superb results without a requirement for post-amplification clean-up or hybridization when used with the RPA system. Using lateral flow dipsticks permits detection in a convenient instrument-free format which may be an approach of choice in certain settings.

Purchasing Information:

Price £220     €312     $352

Product Code: MILHY01strip

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Special Deal:

Buy a TwistAmp® nfo kit and get 100 HybriDetect strips for only £195

To take advantage of this special price please purchase the Milenia HybriDetect 1 via the TwistAmp® nfo page and select them as a Product Add-on. Discount will not be added if you purchase both seperately.

For Milenia HybriDetect 2, please contact us.


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