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Portable DNA Amplification with T-8 Isothermal Instrument

Key Features

• Small footprint, suitable for bench top and field applications
• Supports eight standard 0.2 ml tubes
• Supports recombinase polymerase amplification
• Magnetic mixing of RPA reactions (requires steel balls in RPA reaction mix)
• Two channel fluorescence detection per tube (FAM and ROX as standard. Optional FAM, HEX, ROX, custom or bioluminescence)
• Easy to use advanced desktop software for test configuration management and export 
• Large format 4.3" Touch screen LCD for viewing individual graphs 
• Graphical user interface for advanced workflow management
• Testing temperature range of 37˚C to 65˚C
• USB and ethernet connectivity for data transfer and LIS integration options
• Optional external battery available upon request

 Price: £4269     €4978     $5494

Product Code: T8Device

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Optional accessories: External battery and tough carry case.

External battery: £149.99     €209.98     $254.98
Product code: T8PowerPack01

Tough carry case: £114.70     €160.58     $195.00
Product code: T8Case01

External battery pack for T8 and T16    Carry case for T8


• TwistAmp® exo RT and TwistGlow® Salmonella kits are currently supplied with fluorophore labels which are not detected with the T8 device (set up as standard).  Future planned product updates will allow these kits to be fully compatible. For further information please contact

• For TwistAmp® exo, exo RT, fpg, exo +ListeriaM, exo +Campylobacter and TwistGlow® Salmonella
• For magnetic mixing, bearing balls may be added to reactions at any time before the reaction is initiated with Mg.


Ball Dispenser MicroTwistAmp exoTwistAmp fpg


T8 device manual   (普通话版)

T8 desktop software manual   (普通话版)

T8 data sheet   (普通话版)