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T-16 Isothermal Instrument

The T-16 is an advanced isothermal instrument operating at a constant temperature that enables the next generation of diagnostic DNA/RNA amplification in a compact, low cost, stand alone, sensitive instrument suitable for field based and point of care diagnostic applications.

Key Features

• Supports up to two strips of eight standard 0.2 ml PCR tubes
• Three channel fluorescence detection per tube* (ROX, FAM and HEX)
• Magnetic mixing of RPA reactions (requires steel balls in RPA reaction mix)
• Instrument configurable for standalone or PC connected modes
• Easy to use advanced desktop software for research applications
• Touch screen LCD, Graphical User Interface for advanced workflow management
• Interchangeable modular optical head, configurable for multiple channels
• Testing temperature range of 37˚C to 65˚C
• Small footprint, suitable for bench top and field applications
• USB and Ethernet connectivity for Data transfer and LIS integration
• Flexible test profile creation and advanced data presentation and export.

Purchasing Information:

Price: £5977     €6723     $8048

Product Code: T1601Device

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For TwistAmp® exo, exo RT, fpg, exo +ListeriaM, exo +Campylobacter and TwistGlow® Salmonella
For magnetic mixing, bearing balls may be added to reactions at any time before the reaction is initiated with Mg.

*Software restrictions mean one channel must be reserved for a control


Download the Data Sheet:

T16 device manual   (普通话版)

T16 desktop software manual   (普通话版)

Data sheet: T16-Isothermal   (普通话版)

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