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Twista portable real-time fluorometer


The Twista® portable real-time fluorometer is a customised device developed for monitoring RPA reactions containing TwistDx's fluorescent probe systems, TwistAmp® exo Probe, TwistAmp® fpg Probe, or intercalating dyes should they be employed.


• Portable real-time fluorometer inc. fluorescence assay probe
• Footprint of 19cm x 17.5cm
• Entirely portable
• Compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7

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Price: £1338   €1900     $2276

Product Code: TW01Device

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The Twista® contains a heated incubation chamber for a strip of 8 tubes perfectly designed for the RPA reagents supplied in the TwistAmp® kits, and can monitor fluorescence in real-time in two colour channels with exquisite sensitivity. The Twista® has a footprint of 19cm x 17.5cm and can be rendered entirely portable. Data can be analysed by PC-link, or alternatively the device can function as a standalone unit capable of storing and running user-defined methods to call samples positive and negative for any characterised assay.

Includes carry case, mains adaptor, software and instruction manuals.

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