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TwistFlow® Red Snapper - Lateral flow detection

Red Snapper (Lutjanus campechanus) is a highly prized food fish caught commercially along the Atlantic coast of North America and Mexico. Frequently, lesser species of fish are mislabelled and sold as substitutes in place of the valuable genuine Red Snapper, causing damage to customers and producers alike.

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For magnetic mixing using the Twirla, bearing balls may be added to reactions at any time before the reaction is initiated with Mg.

TwistDx has utilised its proprietary TwistAmp® technology to develop an assay that allows the user to:

  1. Aquire a sample directly from fish material
  2. Subject this sample to a simple one-step biochemical procedure
  3. Detect the outcome of this procedure in a disposable detection device
  4. 9 tests per kit

The whole TwistAmp® assay scheme can be performed without recourse to laboratory equipment, instrumentation or specialist know-how. Simply take the resuspended reaction tubes and place them in a TwirlaTM for 10 minutes whilst the reaction runs.

TwistFlow® Red Snapper uses Lateral Flow detection to generate a positive signal when Red Snapper material is detected. The complete procedure from swabbing to read-out takes under 20 minutes.



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