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TwistFlow Salmonella, lateral flow detection

The updated TwistFlow® Salmonella kit contains all the enzymes, oligos, reagents and lateral flow strips necessary for the amplification and detection of the target Salmonella enterica INVA gene in approximately 20 minutes. Users need only add DNA, buffer and Mg to the reactions. The new and updated kit also features internal control DNA and probes in the lyophilised pellets and lysis buffer for two step lysis of up to 5ul sample.


• Detection in <20 minutes
• Sensitive assay – PCR-like performance
• User must perform sample preparation
• 1 x box of 24 reactions
• Internal control DNA

Purchasing Information:

Price: £105     €149     $178.50

Product Code: TFSAL01kit

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To purchase with Milenia 2 :

£225   €276   $382.50



For magnetic mixing using the Twirla, bearing balls may be added to reactions at any time before the reaction is initiated with Mg.

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