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TwistAmp exo RT, real-time fluorescent RNA detection

The exo RT kit is recommended for users who want to combine the TwistDx RPA technology to detect RNA targets with the use of TwistDx's proprietary fluorescent TwistAmp® exo probe in a homogenous read-out format.


• Preferred real-time probe detection
• Ultra sensitive
• Twista® - compatible
• 1 x box of 96 reactions

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Price: £290     €377     $493

Product Code: TAEXORTkit

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For magnetic mixing using the T16 device, bearing balls may be added to reactions at any time before the reaction is initiated with Mg.

In addition to the basic RPA components these reactions contain a reverse transcriptase to convert RNA templates into DNA, as well as a powerful nuclease (Exonuclease III) which will process TwistAmp® exo Probes during the amplification reaction itself and generate a real-time read-out. The presence of Exonuclease III will reduce the final overall yield of amplified material at endpoint and therefore this format is not suitable for analysis on gels, however it is the preferred system for generating strong fluorescence signal kinetics in the RPA system. NB pellets do not contain RNase Inhibitor.

There are 96 reactions in each kit.

NB Due to current production methods, RPA reactions are not suitable for amplification of standard laboratory strains of E. coli. If you are interested in amplifying E. coli DNA, please contact

Download exo order forms:

TwistAmp® exo Probe Order Form BIOSEARCH

Biosearch Custom Oligo Order Form

Eurogentec Oligo Batch Order v7.0 TwistAmp®

TwistAmp® exo Probe Order Form GENERIC

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