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We are teaming up with SelectScience to provide online reviews of our exciting product range!

Whether you're a new customer purchasing from us for the first time or a returning customer, we want to hear your views on TwistDx and our revolutionary RPA technology. All you have to do is click on the product links below to leave a review and best of all - they only take 2 minutes.


TwistGlow® Salmonella | TwistFlow® Salmonella | TwistFlow®  Red Snapper

TwistAmp® exo +ListeriaM | TwistAmp® exo +Campylobacter | TwistAmp® Basic RT

TwistAmp® Basic | TwistAmp® nfo | TwistAmp® exo | TwistAmp® exo RT | TwistAmp® fpg

Twista® portable real-time fluorometer | T16 Isothermal device | TwirlaTM mixing incubator

Ball Dispenser MICRO

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