Test-ready RPA kits

Great for RPA method development or trialling RPA technology, without the need to develop an assay of your own. Presented at different development stages, these test-ready kits showcase example RPA reagent formats and versatility with assays for prominent food pathogen targets*.

TwistAmp® exo +(Campylobacter, or Listeria) provide the user with an exo kit plus assay oligonucleotides and template ready for real-time fluorescence detection for use with every kit reaction.

TwistGlow® Salmonella (test-ready for real-time fluorescence detection), and TwistFlow® Salmonella (test-ready for end-point lateral flow detection) both provide the user with reactions containing target and internal control assay oligonucleotides, along with a two-step lysis sample preparation method, and template ready for use with every kit reaction.

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*These products are for research and development use only as per our terms and conditions of supply.

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