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TwistAmp® exo RT



One step real-time fluorescent RNA amplification made possible with a TwistAmp® exo RT kit. Recommended for users who want to combine TwistDx's RPA technology to detect RNA targets with the use of TwistDx's proprietary fluorescent TwistAmp® exo probe in a homogenous format. The user need only supply primers, probe, template and RNase Inhibitor. See manual for more information. Click to order oligonucleotides.

The positive control probe is now labelled with a FAM™ fluorophore (previous kit version TAEXORT02KIT control probe labelled with TAMRA™).  Consequently, this kit is now compatible with the full range of fluorescence detection devices supplied by TwistDx™.  No other changes have been made to this product.

Perfect for:
Real-time fluorescent RNA detection

Product code: TAEXORT03KIT


  • combined reverse transcription and rapid cDNA amplification in one step
  • real-time probe detection
  • ultra sensitive
  • multiplexable
  • 96 reactions

  • NB: Due to current production methods, RPA reactions are not suitable for amplification of standard laboratory strains of E. coli. If you are interested in amplifying E. coli DNA, please contact