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TwistAmp® fpg



Alternative real-time, and end-point fluorescent DNA detection made possible with a TwistAmp® fpg kit.  Tailored for users who want to combine TwistDx's amplification technology with an alternative TwistDx reporter probe system, fluorescent TwistAmp® fpg probe, in a homogenous format. The user need only supply primers, probe, template and RNase Inhibitor. See manual for more information. Click to order oligonucleotides.

Perfect for: • Real-time fluorescent DNA detection • end-point measurement.

Product code: TAFPG02KIT


  • real-time probe detection
  • single molecule detection
  • multiplexable
  • 96 reactions
NB: Due to current production methods, RPA reactions are not suitable for amplification of standard laboratory strains of E. coli. If you are interested in amplifying E. coli DNA, please contact  For enquiries about 'Old Formulation' TwistAmp® fpg please contact us.