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TwistAmp® Liquid Basic RT



One step RNA amplification in a flexible liquid format. Recommended for those that want to use TwistDx’s RPA technology to reverse transcribe and amplify RNA targets. The user need only supply primers, dNTPs, template and RNase Inhibitor. In addition to the Basic RPA components this kit also contains a reverse transcriptase to convert RNA templates into DNA. See manual for more information. Click to order oligonucleotides.

Perfect for: end-point gel electrophoresis DNA detection, down-stream applications (e.g. subcloning), facilitating use of different RPA reaction volumes, or variation of component ratios.

Product code: TALQBASRT01


  • combined reverse transcription and rapid cDNA amplification in one step
  • flexible reaction volume use
  • flexible reagent component ratio use
  • single molecule detection
  • reagents for at least 100 reactions (dependent on volume used)
  • multiplexable
NB: Due to current production methods, RPA reactions are not suitable for amplification of standard laboratory strains of E. coli. If you are interested in amplifying E. coli DNA, please contact