Review papers


    The applications of CRISPR/Cas system in molecular detection.

    Author: Zhou L, Peng R, Zhang R, Li J.
    A summary of applications of the CRISPR/Cas system to the recognition and detection of DNA and RNA molecules as well ...
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  • 66_Mitsakakis

    Diagnostic tools for tackling febrile illness and enhancing patient management

    Author: Mitsakakis K, D'Acremont V, Hin S, von Stetten F, Zengerle R.
    This review gives an overview of diagnostic technologies featuring a platform based approach: (i) assay (nucleic acid amplification technologies are ...
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  • Qian

    Recent advances in emerging DNA-based methods for genetically modified organisms (GMOs) rapid detection.

    Author: Qian C, Wang R, Wu H, Ping J, Wu J.
    An overview about emerging DNA-based methods for GMOs detection. Nucleic acid amplification-based and DNA directly hybridization-based assays are carefully discussed ...
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    CRISPR Technology for Breast Cancer: Diagnostics, Modeling, and Therapy.

    Author: Mintz RL, Gao MA, Lo K, Lao YH, Li M, Leong KW.
    Molecularly, breast cancer represents a highly heterogenous family of neoplastic disorders, with substantial interpatient variations regarding genetic mutations, cell composition, ...
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    Harnessing CRISPR Effectors for Infectious Disease Diagnostics.

    Author: Bhattacharyya RP, Thakku SG, Hung DT.
    Nucleic acid detection is an important method for pathogen identification but can be expensive, have variable sensitivity and specificity, and ...
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    Detecting pathogens with Zinc-Finger, TALE and CRISPR- based programmable nucleic acid binding proteins.

    Author: Batista AC, Pacheco LGC.
    The recent availability of highly adaptable engineered nucleic acid binding proteins has brought about a revolution in the genome-editing field. ...
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  • 64_Weerakoon

    DNA Diagnostics for Schistosomiasis Control

    Author: Weerakoon KG, Gordon CA, McManus DP.
    Of the many diagnostic approaches undertaken to date, the detection of schistosome DNA using DNA amplification techniques including polymerase chain ...
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  • DNA detection using recombination proteins

    Editorial for Analytical Biochemistry special issue on RPA

    Author: Tortajada-Genaro LA, O'Sullivan CK, Piepenburg O, Katakis I.
    This Special Issue of Analytical Biochemistry entitled “Recombinase Polymerase Amplification: Applications and Advances” presents an overview of the application of ...
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  • Isothermal amplification and lateral flow detection of Plasmodium

    Improving Dengue Diagnostics and Management Through Innovative Technology

    Author: Rodriguez-Manzano J, Chia PY, Yeo TW, Holmes A, Georgiou P, Yacoub S.
    The purpose of this review is to define the unmet needs and challenges in current dengue diagnostics and patient monitoring ...
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  • 57_Toley_zh

    Multidimensional Paper Networks: A New Generation of Low-Cost Pump-Free Microfluidic Devices

    Author: Toley BJ, Das D, Ganar KA, Kaur N, Meena M, Rath D, Sathishkumar N, Soni S.
    Review of the area of paper microfluidics covering the basic fluid physics, methods of fabrication, flow control tools, applications in ...
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