PCRD Nucleic Acid Detection (pack of 50)


PCRD Nucleic Acid Detection (pack of 50)

Lateral flow strips designed to simultaneously detect two amplicons labelled with DIG/Biotin and/or FITC (or FAM)/Biotin, with the addition of a control line. PCRD is a Nucleic acid lateral flow immunoassay (NALFIA), suitable for use to detect amplification products generated when using a TwistAmp® nfo kit in combination with a TwistAmp® nfo probe and labelled amplification primer. See our application note for further details.

Product code: PCRD3Kit

PCRD lateral flow strips can be purchased directly from the manufacturer here.

  • two test lines (plus control line) enable detection of multiple analytes
  • fully compatible with TwistAmp® nfo kits
  • excellent signal-to-noise ratio
  • easy to use
  • results provided in ≤10 minutes
  • no requirement for post-amplification clean-up or hybridisation

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