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Recombinase Polymerase Amplification - The Isothermal DNA Amplification that Really Works.


TwistDx designs and manufactures Recombinase Polymerase Amplification or RPA, a multiplexable, isothermal DNA/RNA amplification and detection technology that works amazingly fast without the need of a thermocycler. RPA is a portable alternative to PCR and is ideally suited to point-of-use molecular assays for digital, microfluidics, agriculture, veterinary and biodefense applications.

  • Speed. Detection within 15 minutes.                    

  • Sensitivity. Single molecule detection and no thermocyler needed.

  • Simplicity. Stable lyophilised reagents. Reliable isothermal technology with little or no hardware required.             

TwistDx makes RPA accessible to end users in the form of TwistAmp® kits. The kits are configured with options for electrophoresis, fluorescent and lateral flow detection methods and for DNA and RNA targets. TwistAmp® kits contain all the reagents (apart from target-specific primers and probes) researchers need in order to develop their own rapid, highly sensitive and specific RPA assays.


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