Our story

TwistDx Inc. was founded in 1999 by molecular biologist and protein biochemist, Dr Niall Armes, together with Dr Derek Stemple and Dr Nagesh Mahanthappa with its headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. TwistDx™ Limited was formed in 2002.

Our vision: TwistDx™ will expand the uptake of RPA-based molecular testing and technology in all applicable areas freeing scientists and technology developers from the constraints imposed by high temperature DNA amplification techniques.

Our mission: TwistDx™ shall promote and support wide uptake and deployment of the RPA technology to enable lab, field and those decentralised applications which can clearly benefit from its properties. Choice examples may be digital applications, microfluidics/lab-on-chip applications, companion diagnostics, agricultural applications and in defence. TwistDx will drive uptake of the RPA across the life sciences, and where appropriate, shall facilitate licensing and/or other access discussions as well as providing reagent manufacturing/supply services.

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