Review papers

Review papers

  • Advanced DNA-based Methods for the Detection of Peanut Allergens in Processed Food

    Author: Zhang M, Wu P, Wu J, Ping J, Wu J.

    This review highlights advances and future trends in DNA-based methods applied to detect peanut allergens in processed food. […]

  • Long noncoding RNAs: from genomic junk to rising stars in the early detection of cancer.

    Author: Miranda-Castro R, De-los-Santos-Alvarez N, Lobo-Castanon MJ.

    In this review, a brief discussion about the importance and current challenges in the determination of lncRNAs associated […]

  • Invited review: Advancements in lateral flow immunoassays for screening hazardous substances in milk and milk powder

    Author: Chen W, Huang Z, Hu S, Peng J, Liu D, Xiong Y, Xu H, Wei H, Lai W

    This review describes some traditional LFI used to detect hazardous substances in milk and milk powder. Furthermore, recent […]

  • CRISPR/Cas Systems towards Next-Generation Biosensing.

    Author: Li Y, Li S, Wang J, Liu G.

    Several CRISPR/Cas systems have been established for detecting various targets, including bacteria, viruses, cancer mutations, and others. Based […]

  • Synthetic biology-based portable in vitro diagnostic platforms.

    Author: Geraldi A, Giri-Rachman EA.

    Discussed here are two promising efforts for pathogen nucleic acids detection using synthetic biology approaches: Synthetic RNA-based and […]

  • Novel tools for the surveillance and control of dengue: findings by the DengueTools research consortium.

    Author: Wilder-Smith A, Tissera H, AbuBakar S, Kittayapong P, Logan J, Neumayr, Rocklov J, Byass P, Louis VR, Tozan Y, Massad E, Preet R.

    The European Commission funded the DengueTools consortium to lead a major initiative in these areas, and this review […]

  • Review: a comprehensive summary of a decade development of the recombinase polymerase amplification

    Author: Li J, Macdonald J, Von Stetten F.

    A comprehensive review of the equipment free simplicity of RPA over its first decade of development. This review […]

  • Class 2 CRISPR/Cas: an expanding biotechnology toolbox for and beyond genome editing.

    Author: Tang Y, Fu Y.

    In this review, they (1) elaborate on the definition, classification, structures of CRISPR/Cas Class 2 systems; (2) advance […]

  • Advances in Diagnostic Methods for Zika Virus Infection.

    Author: Herrada CA, Kabir MA, Altamirano R, Asghar W.

    This review focuses on the most recent aspects of ZIKV research which includes the outbreaks, genome structure, multiplication […]

  • Recent Advances in the Race to Design a Rapid Diagnostic Test for Antimicrobial Resistance.

    Author: Leonard H, Colodner R, Halachmi S, Segal E.

    This review details the advantages and shortcomings of the recent advances (focusing from 2016 and onward) made in […]

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