Lateral flow with RPA

Using lateral flow with RPA

Lateral flow strips for the detection of nucleic acids are typically designed to utilise hybridisation products as their substrate (such as PCR products and antigen-labelled probes) and require extensive sample processing procedures. In contrast, the TwistAmp® nfo reaction mechanism generates the double-labelled reporter molecule simultaneously with the amplification reaction and only requires minimal post-amplification processing.

Using a TwistAmp® nfo kit
The TwistAmp® nfo probe is used with reactions that contain freeze-dried double-strand specific nfo that cleaves at the THF site on a probe when it is bound to complementary DNA. The use of a blocked probe, that can only be cleaved and extended in the presence of amplicon, greatly reduces the risk of false positives caused by primer dimers as can occur with PCR reactions.

Lateral flow consumables
The table below displays the differences between the lateral flow (LF) dipstick options we currently supply.

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