Cutting-edge innovation

TwistDx™ believes that RPA represents a breakthrough technology that will allow researchers to develop a new generation of on-the-spot, highly sensitive and specific nucleic acid detection assays and kits.

The potential fields of application are as diverse as medical and veterinary diagnostics, food contamination and authenticity testing, water testing, crop diseases, and biodefense applications.  Our customers and partners have demonstrated that by using RPA instead of PCR, the nucleic acid amplification and detection process becomes inherently much faster, user-friendly, more stable for transport, unburdened by the need for expensive thermocyclers, and suitable for field and low resource settings.

But don’t just take our word for it. Have a look at how some research innovators are applying RPA to the development of rapid, portable DNA and RNA detection assays and kits for real-world applications. From the rapid, field-based diagnosis of some of the deadliest human infectious diseases, to ensuring that vital yam stocks in West Africa are free from viruses, researchers around the globe are harnessing Recombinase Polymerase Amplification to develop tests that could save lives, support fragile economies, and ensure that our livestock and crops remain disease free.

The potential uses of RPA as an alternative to PCR are almost limitless. TwistDx™ offers reagents and research kits, along with the technology know-how, expertise, and encouragement to support global users as they apply RPA to their development projects and research programs.

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