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Applications of Recombinase Polymerase Amplification Technology

The RPA isothermal DNA amplification technology can be used broadly as an alternative to PCR and benefits from extraordinary speed, simplicity of use, sample tolerance and low equipment burden. The TwistAmp® research kits provide ideal tools for researchers to develop applications relevant to their work. In addition TwistDx is developing specific assays for point-of-care, portable and field use in-house and in collaborations with other partners.

TwistAmp® Research Kits

A family of TwistAmp® research kits are available which contain all the reagents necessary to amplify nucleic acids using specific primers designed by the end-user. The TwistAmp® Basic kit amplifies DNA which can then be analysed by gel electrophoresis or other standard methods. TwistAmp® exo kit and TwistAmp® fpg kits can be used with the proprietary fluorescent probe systems developed by TwistDx to monitor amplification reactions in real-time. The TwistAmp® nfo kit can be used to detect amplification using simple sandwich assays. The TwistAmp® exo RT kits also include a reverse transcriptase to permit single step RNA detection. Fluorescence monitoring is ideally performed using the Twista® fluorometer, but other fluorometers will also work.

Specific Next-Generation Diagnostic Assays

TwistDx is pursuing significant opportunities to apply its breakthrough RPA technology to make a major impact with product applications that include:

Medical Diagnostics

Compared to standard microbiological tests, that can take up to 48 hours or more, and PCR-based tests that usually require centralized testing, TwistDx’s RPA technology will provide on-the-spot rapid diagnosis, enabling prompt appropriate treatment. 

Food and water testing

Decentralized tests are being developed that can be employed in the food industry and also used in environmental sensing applications, such as water quality testing and other areas related to public health.

Agriculture and veterinary

Portable tests are being developed for animal health applications and in the area of crop science.


The extremely portable, rapid and easy-to-use properties of the RPA technology make it perfectly suited for mobile, at-site testing which can be used by first-responders.


Due to it's isothermal nature, Recombinase Polymerase Amplification is the ideial tool to use in microfluidics and lab-on-chip tools where PCR thermocycling just isn't possible.

"It's highly suitable in veterinary pen-side diagnostics"

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