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TwistAmp® exo positive control oligo mix



A ready made assay - primers plus a FAM labelled exo probe (to be used with TwistAmp® exo positive control DNA template CONTROL01DNAE). Useful for application development or further positive control testing. Use in combination with the TwistAmp® exo kits (lyophilised or liquid) or the TwistAmp® nfo kit, for fluorescence detection.

One tube provides enough oligonucleotide mix to conduct eight 50 µl RPA reactions.

TwistAmp® exo positive control oligo mix (one tube) product code: CONTROL01EXO

(Use in combination with TwistAmp® exo positive control template product code: CONTROL01DNAE)


  • A tube provides enough oligonucleotides to test eight 50 µl reactions
  • use with TwistAmp® exo kits (lyophilised or liquid) or the TwistAmp® nfo kit
  • FAM labelled probe for fluorescence signal detection