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U-Star Disposable Nucleic Acid Lateral Flow Detection Units (pack of 20)



Units contain a lateral flow strip designed to detect a biotin and FITC (or FAM) labelled amplicon. Detection is performed in a sealed cartridge preventing cross-contamination from amplified products.  U-star disposable units can be used to detect amplification products generated when using a TwistAmp® nfo kit in combination with a TwistAmp® nfo probe and labelled amplification primer.  See U-Star guide for further information.

Product code: USTAR01


  • pack of 20 units
  • very easy to use
  • instrument-free format
  • results within 15 minutes after sealing reaction tube in cassette
  • amplicon containment, perfect for field use
  • single units available on request. Contact for more information.