Can I just use labelled primers and a TwistAmp® Basic kit for lateral flow?

Yes. You can use two modified primers for lateral flow if you wish, but we recommend using a probe and a TwistAmp® nfo kit. This is because, as with PCR, RPA is subject to primer-dimer formation, so you can get primers cross reacting and giving false positives if you do not have perfectly designed primers. TwistAmp® nfo probes avoid this problem because they are blocked and cannot be extended to create probe-primer dimers. The nfo enzyme recognises and cuts the abasic site (THF) in the probe only when it has bound to its complementary strand. Cutting the abasic site means that the blocked end of the probe can fall off and the probe can act as a primer, thereby generating a product that can be captured by a lateral flow strip. So, only if you have your desired amplicon can the probe bind, be cut, and extend to form a product with the opposing labelled primer.

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