RPA incubation and detection devices

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T16-ISO Instrument

T16-ISO Instrument

T16-ISO is an advanced isothermal instrument operating at a constant temperature that enables the next ...

T8-ISO instrument

T8-ISO Instrument

The advanced T8-ISO instrument provides next generation molecular testing in a compact, stand alone, high ...

Twirla™ Portable Mixing Incubator

Twirla™ Portable Mixing Incubator

Twirla is a portable mixing incubator that prepares RPA reactions for end-point measurement. Twirla...

PowerGorilla External Battery

PowerGorilla External Battery

The PowerGorilla portable charger will give you an extra 2-5 hours of power with your ...

Ball dispenser micro

Micro Ball Dispenser

Re-usable precision dispenser constructed of aluminium. Allows rapid, regulated dispense of single 2mm micro balls into ...

T8-ISO Carry Case

T8-ISO Carry Case

A tough, custom made carry case to ensure your T8 won't be damaged when travelling ...

Bearing Balls

Micro Balls, 2mm (x1000)

1000 x 2mm micro balls for facilitating magnetic mixing of RPA reactions when using devices ...