TwistAmp® Liquid

TwistAmp® Liquid research and development kits

Award winning TwistAmp® Liquid aims to supply bulk liquid forms of core RPA components which end-users may combine, at various scales, to create master mixes for their own applications*. Just like using pre-made PCR master mixes found in every molecular biology laboratory freezer.

TwistAmp® Liquid offers the following benefits:

  • end-user is free to modulate of the amount of master mix prepared by being unlocked from the set volumes in which freeze-dried reagents are supplied
  • end-user is free to modulate the ratios of components in the reaction system which offers them greater flexibility in RPA assay development

TwistAmp® Liquid Basic is a DNA amplification kit most suitable for gel-based analysis or solid-phase, tailed primers, aptamers, electrochemistry and microarray applications. TwistAmp® Liquid exo is a DNA amplification kit to monitor amplification reactions in real-time fluorescence. TwistAmp® Liquid kits can be used with a reverse transcriptase to permit single step RNA detection, see here for details.

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TwistAmp® Liquid Basic

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TwistAmp® Liquid exo

Real-time fluorescent DNA amplification in a flexi...

TwistAmp® exo positive control template

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TwistAmp® exo positive control oligo mix

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