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T16-ISO Instrument

T16-ISO Instrument

T16-ISO is an advanced isothermal instrument operating at a constant temperature that enables the next ...

T8-ISO instrument

T8-ISO Instrument

The advanced T8-ISO instrument provides next generation molecular testing in a compact, stand alone, high ...

Milenia HybriDetect 1

Milenia HybriDetect 2

Milenia HybriDetect 1

Milenia HybriDetect 1

Milenia Genline HybriDetect 1 lateral flow strips can be used to detect amplification products generated ...

Twirla™ Portable Mixing Incubator

Twirla™ Portable Mixing Incubator

Twirla is a portable mixing incubator that prepares RPA reactions for end-point measurement. Twirla...

PowerGorilla External Battery

PowerGorilla External Battery

The PowerGorilla portable charger will give you an extra 2-5 hours of power with your ...

PCRD Nucleic Acid Lateral Flow Immunoassay

PCRD Nucleic Acid Detection (pack of 50)

Nucleic acid lateral flow immunoassays (NALFIA), called PCRD, can be used as an alternative to ...

Ball dispenser micro

Ball Dispenser

Allows the rapid, regulated dispense of one MICRO-test ball into a TwistAmp® reaction tube ...

T8-ISO Carry Case

T8-ISO Carry Case

A tough, custom made carry case to ensure your T8 won't be damaged when travelling ...

U-Star Disposable Nucleic Acid Detection Device

U-Star Disposable Nucleic Acid Detection Device (x20)

This pack of 20 disposable nucleic acid detection devices are packed with a detection strip ...

Bearing Balls

Bottle of 1000 Atlas Bearing Balls

1000 x precision bearing balls to use with the Ball Dispenser Micro